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This is not an original Mercedes SL Gullwing, but you can’t tell and it packs a modern secret under its hood

All of us hate kit cars that try to resemble a shape that is established but only fall short. Enthusiasts can place these a mile off and… they opt to remain a mile away to avoid the terror of having to look at them. But this Mercedes SL Gullwing recreation that is amazing isn’t like it s a car many enthusiasts would be thrilled to own and this it s the opposite of this.

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22 cars with incredibly cool headlights

Headlights will make or break a car's layout. These are some of our favorites…. Read More

The 2019 BMW M5 Competition Is More Powerful Than BMW Says, But How Powerful is it, Really?

The purpose is that BMW is known for understating energy output however, the question of just how much is a topic for debate. Now, it turns out that the 2019 BMW M5 Contest has been put to the test and it fares better than BMW lets on. How much better? Well, keep reading to find out.

However, I digress.

When BMW announced the 2019 M5 Contest, additionally, it declared that the M5 was eventually faster compared to Mercedes-AMG E63 S. Having a 4.4-liter V-8, the 2019 M5 Competition has an”official” output of 617 horsepower along with 553 pound-feet of torque at the fold. For all those of you that do not understand, that amount is really distinct since there isn’t a driveline out there that doesn’t have some reduction from crank to the 44, from the electricity that makes it to the wheels. Most torque converters, by way of instance, lose 10-percent just due to the character of slide that is organic and hydraulic coupling. Even through the rest of the driveline, torque and horsepower can be lost without a torque converter as well — remembe… Read More

The Chevrolet Cadet Was The Genesis Of Modern Suspension Design

Chevrolet Cadet - 002
The Bow Tie brand’s first true compact was dramatically before its time…. Read More

Auto Tariffs Off the Table for 180 Days, Trump Claims

The post Auto Tariffs Away from the Table to get 180 Days, Trump Claims appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
U.S. President Donald Trump pushed the danger of tariffs on imported vehicles into the desktop on Friday, announcing that a 180-day dip as the country negotiates trade agreements with Japan and the European Union. The delay includes a day before a Saturday deadline imposed by the Commerce Department. In February, the department delivered the findings […]

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The Mazda MX-5 Miata 30th Anniversary Edition Proves that the U.S. Market Remains a Hotbed for Special Edition Models

Recall when automakers generated special variant versions and supplied them in other markets except for the U.S.? While that still stays true in some way, the karma Gods have decided to throw American buyers a few”special edition” bones within the last few years. One of these bones was that the Mazda MX-5 Miata Anniversary, that Mazda introduced to great fanfare at the 2019 Chicago Auto Show in February. Just 500 units were made available and, as expected, eager beavers scooped up all 500 units in a matter of hours. You would feel that people who were not able to evaluate a booking for one would be down on their luck? The karma Gods are back, baby, and they’ve instructed — at least I think they did — Mazda to throw in an extra 143 components of their MX-5 Miata 30th Anniversary Edition for the U.S. market. Regrettably, the units that were 143 are allocated only. Because it still beats getting shut out completely, 13,, that’s ok?

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Volvo introduces new service that tells you what to do after an accident

Continue reading Volvo introduces brand new service that tells you what to do after an Collision … Read More

Team Hero Motosport Finishes On The Podium For The Second Time This Season

Hero MotoSport Cs Santosh in desert storm Rally
The calendar year 2019 appears to be a blessed year for Hero Motosport, that has continued its run in 2019. The Team claimed its first podium in the newly concluded Merzouga Rally at Morocco and shut the Desert Storm Rally to some top, procuring its second stage win in the last leg of the Rally. Team Attorney C S Santosh claimed his second stage win, and in turn another place finish in the general rankings. It was another stage by Santosh since he made good of the 80 kilometers point, getting the better of his opponents to win the point. Together with two podium finishes already, the season has began in promising fashion for Hero MotoSports. The Team will gear up for the rally of this season, behind the Dakar — that the Silkway Rally, scheduled by 6-16th July in the Russia — Mongolia — China area. The final Leg of the Desert Storm saw the riders make a … Read More

The Throw Down In T-Town Is On! LIVE Pro Mods, Radials, Doorslammers And More From Tulsa Raceway Park

Saturday Update: Seems Just like the rain has stopped!

Track drying is penalized, anticipating a 12 noon start time. It will be posted here, if any changes. -McT

But in case you’re able to ’t create it out for action and the completely totally free racing packed racing you’re able to watch it in the link below with us starting at 6pm Central Time. We’ll be bringing you each and every run down the track and can’wont wait to find out what pleasure lies ahead with this occasion.
The Throwdown in T-Town is one of our favourite races of this year as well as we’ll be bringing you all of the racing LIVE right on As usual it may cost you exactly zero dollars to watch, if you decide to spend the two weeks sitting here seeing all of the racing 42, however we are not responsible for beer prices and lost wages or food. We would like you to do that, but we won&… Read More

BP Chargemaster’s 150kW network to allow 30min electric car charging at 50 sites this year

Electric car charging in the UK - Chargemaster public charge point


8 May, 2019

UK EV charger supplier confirms It’s Going to install network of superfast chargers at BP forecourts; 100 fitted by end of the year … Read More